Interleaving vertical stripes from the view of two different cameras

Hello. I need to combine the views from two different cameras to produce a series of vertical, interleaved, stripes. The stripes will alternate between both points of views. I don’t really know how to face it. Should that be a custom rendering, a post-processing filter? Can I use high-level jmonkey’s functions or should I use OpenGl’s instead? How would you implement that?

Thank you very much for your help!

You can do this with a shader. You render the two cameras into two framebuffers and then feed the data into a shader to combine them.

See TestRenderToTexture on how to accomplish this.

I’ll have a look at it! Thanks a lot!

Hey! Thanks a lot! I did it! Now that I have the shadder, how would you show the final result? By now I can apply the material to a quad, but I don’t find how to set it to full screen size. Do you think that would be the correct approach?

Put it in the GUI node. See TestOrtho example.