Intro Screen

Hey I checked out that Mythruna game, and I was wondering, are there any tutorials on how to make an intro screen like that game? Basically a screen with some text that has mouseover effects. Clicking an “Options” text goes to an options screen, etc… Also the in-game window when pressing “esc”, and customizing the first screen that shows up before actually entering the game.

I also tried looking for other forum topics posted about this, but only found one regarding a progress bar loading screen. If anyone knows of any links, resources, or just wants to show me an example of how to do this, I would appreciate it :slight_smile:



Right now Mythruna uses the “nifty GUI” system for those screens. Any tutorials on that would help you get started. Be prepared, the learning curve is kind of steep.

Going to this page:

And scrolling down to:

User Interaction, Graphical User Interface

…might be enough to get started.

sweet. Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. This is going to be even more interesting considering my game is NOT written in Java :wink: I’m hoping to have a tutorial of my own up soon.

Oh, also, that select display settings screen. On Mythruna, it has a different image. Is that done with the nifty stuff as well, or is there another setting to change that?

Through nifty you can setup the background of the screen or the panels… and stretch them in different ways.

This is the screen I’m referring to

This whole thing is laid out with nifty?

Oh… no… I don’t even think of that one since it pops up before my game even starts, really. You can customize the image in the AppSettings.

settings.setSettingsDialogImage( “your-image.png” );

ah. sweet! Thanks! :slight_smile: Awesome job with the game, by the way!

hmm… I’m not getting any errors, but also not seeing the image change. I tried relative to the root directory, and absolute paths… Does it have to be in a com/jme3/app folder since that’s where the Monkey.png is?

public void simpleInitApp() {


Simple init is too late. You have to do it in main().

…and the image needs to be on the classpath or in the assets folder.

…and you have to specify it with the full path :slight_smile:

ah, ok. I’ll try that. Yeah, I just came across this posting as well, so I’ll take a look.