Introducing myself

Hi all,

Just want to introduce myself to the group. I’m a computer science instructor and developer of the Env3D project ( It is a simplified 3D engine based on jME 2.0 for first year computer science students. The JMonkey project has been instrumental in the success of Env3D as it allows me to expose many advanced 3D features to students quickly and easily. Env3D uses BlueJ as its IDE (it’s analogous to the Java Monkey Platform for NetBeans I guess).

Lately, I have been experimenting with Android, since it uses Java as its programming language. I even wrote a very simple opengl es renderer just for fun. My eventual goal is to have a simple way for students to deploy their games on android with nothing more than a click of a button (currently, students can deploy applets with a click of a button :)).

Naturally, I am very interested in the jME version 3 with android support, as it aligns with my project goal very well. I don’t have a lot of time at the moment but when summer time comes (around May), I will be able to devote a good amount of time to help in the development of the android renderer (testing, bug fixing, documentation, whatever that needs to be done). For now, I’ll keep an eye on the forum and offer whatever resources that I have.

Thanks for all the wonderful work that you guys have been doing!

Hey there Jason! We’re happy to have your support. One thing we definitely have our sights on for next year is GSoC, so I hope you’ll talk to your students about that if you think they’re up for it.

Though your time is limited, I hope we can count on you for the occasional testing, as there is going to be a lot of that during these beginning stages. Have you tried the latest Android renderer test yet?

I guess the renderer test only works on version 2.2? I only have a 2.1 device right now. I’ll test it as soon as my device is upgraded.

I also gathered that the test doesn’t run on the emulator. That’s too bad.