Introducing Reaction Physics (WIP)

lucas g. said:

Irrisor, this could be implemented to work with JME-Physics (and who know's someday take ODE's place  :-o )

That would be really really cool. :D

lucas g. said:

JME will be even more powerful with an embeddable physics engine don't you think?


Can't offer any help with coding :|, but will answer posts :).

Glad to hear from you again Lucas - i thought you may had given up in light of IBM.

I'm looking forward to testing this out after work the instant my foot steps in the door.

Very impressive!

I'm currently developing my own physics engine, which is intended to be as simple as possible (gravity only), mainly for speed purposes, and it's fully integrated into jme. I'm sure going to take a look, for extending my own physics engine :wink:

I found this last night: I don't know why I took so long to find it.  ://

This might help me a lot.

A soon as I have something new I'll post here.

The Collision System can already be used separately from the Physics System, but I'll add some options to be more flexible (I mean faster when you don't need every contact information).



Hi Lucas, any update on the physics implementation?

Hello adam, unfourtunally I have no time to work on this anymore and after doing some research I figured out that is better to use a wrapper for any well supported physics engine then creating one from scratch in java.

For speed reason, due to the heavy math involved, java may not be the best option.

And the fact that I'm far from being a math physics expert…  :roll:

Anyway I've been testing Yuri's JPhysX which is a very good solution IMO (

I even created a ragdoll with it, very easy to use as long as you learn from the tutorial in the ageia's dev section.

If there is interest I can post here a Class I use to represent the physic scene (physx has a nice built-in way to show the scene in opengl which I ported to java).

That's it, I still have the Reaction Physics code if someone have interest to look, use or even finish it.


I'll look into it. Please post the code anyway on the off chance it might be needed.  :stuck_out_tongue: