Introducting myself (and my system)!

Hi community. I'm from spain, I have 20 years and I'm studying Computer Engineering in the Complutense University (Madrid).

Yesterday (as other nights), I'm lookin for a easy-to-use and powerfull game engine to port my programation system and I finally find Monkey!.

My system consists in a static class called ProcessManajer that manteins a collection of objects called Process.

For example, if we want to create a spacial scene with a SkyBox (with stars, astron nebula and others), a star, and a spaceship. We should to create 3 class extending the base class BaseProcess. BaseProcess contains the basic methods and properties to manage a simple node in the scene. In each loop in the main loop, the game uses ProcessManager to scan the collection of process executing an especified method of BaseProcess (exactly frameAction). In that metyhod we could to program the behaviour of the star, skybox (if it had one) and ship.

What do you think about that system?

Can you reply this post, please?

Thanks and congratulations to developers for this engine and for community for their support.

Oh! Another thing. Can monkey adjust de frame rate of its applications. How can I do ti?

Thanks for all.