Introduction and some noob questions

:smiley: Hello all, i am new to the scene but have done my homework. i have read a good bit in the wiki and alot of posts in the forum before registering and posting myself.

Firstly, i would like to say that jME looks awesome. kudos to all involved. i especially like the javaMonkeyPlatform. i think that with enough polishing, that could be one of your most powerful draws for attracting users and contributors to the project.

Secondly i would like to say that i am completely new to coding and have chosen java as my preferred language to learn with. (i am not new to game design or engine features, just the coding aspect.) that being said, as i am learning java- i wonder if i have found myself in the right place to apply the knowledge from my experience as a "content artist" and combining this with some common elements i have found in jME to not only help me grasp this whole "programming" thing, but also allow me to make some sweet game/simulation projects.

Thirdly, i have scoured the forums and the wiki as best as i could and have unfortunately been unable to find a link to an online version of jME3 Javadocs. (the javadocs link at the top of the page seems to only be fore jME2) does it exist? if so, how do i get to it?

Last thing… anybody got any tips for a 'fresh out of the box' noob? (java, jME, or otherwise?)



Hey Decoy, welcome to the jME community! jMonkeyPlatform should display javadoc information when you enter code, you can also display that javadoc in your browser by clicking the button in the popup window.