Invalid access of stack red zone b0f35ff8 eip=2c2b279f

Hi All,

I've just had the above error message pop up. It's from a jME + jmephysics application, and that's all the message is, so I don't know where to look next for debugging. Any ideas?

It happens in a stress test I've been doing, which involves creating lots of Quads with images on, putting them in physics nodes and then later deleting them. I've solved my memory leak problems  :smiley: but this error is popping up occasionally, accompanied by the application exiting immediately.

Thanks for any help!

Scary… Google did not help much on this one!  :-o It seems an internal JVM error, though

Yeah, I have a bad feeling it's related to the OSX JVM. and since apples "Radar" bugtracking system appears to be broken  :stuck_out_tongue: I can't get any more info. Bummer!