Inverse Kinematic Bones For Posing

Extra Inverse Kinematic bones can be excluded in Ogre by using the “Only Deformable Bones” option but I don’t see that for the SDK importer.

What’s the best way to handle those extra IK bones using the SDK importer?

Do you face a specific problem? Those IK bones don’t have any vertex assigned, so I suppose that they do not have any influence anyway…

No problem. I was about to set up the extra bones and don’t want to use Ogre to export so I didn’t know if they would have an effect on the imported model. Ie if they did I didn’t want to waste my time setting them up.

But yeah no clue maybe you can remove them in the code via the bone name. I use directly the blender import and there is no option for that.

The bones show up in scene explorer and the SDK says,
Created constraint: IK with definition: Inverse kinematics

Don’t know how that’s going to work out. Ill post whatever I find out.

Oddly, when importing from the SDK there’s an extra bone with no name detail at the bottom of the list. That bone does not exist in the blender outliner. I deleted the IK bones and removed the modifiers and imported them again and it was still there. I suspect another SDK3.1 stable bug.

I might be wrong but wouldn’t that require inverse kinematics support on the engine side which is just not there?
The importer can import the bones but there is no solver to process that, I guess

That’s what I was after. The blender importer must be setting things up for future implementation it sounds like.

I spent quite a bit of time on this. In fact i started to add a FABRIC ik solver to jme. But my priorities switched and i didn’t finish it.

The blender importer does have ik support. Sort of, it needs it to import animations. However it is not the same solver as blender and hence animations imported thus tend to be different. So it pays to have all the bone animations baked.

there is no support for IK outside the blender importer.

Ok, great to know.


Is there a way to keep the constraints after baking?

Or is there a better way to do this,
I have a constraint with target that copies location. I parent a bone to the IK bone which then requires the constraint to place the bone back in its original position. This only works if I bake with clear constraints.

I could just use a backup copy of the blend file to bake and use the original for posing but was curious if there’s an better way.

As far as i know there is no better way.

Basically you want to import the full animation from blender and the only way to keep that clean is to bake it all.

sorry for the late reply. Was internet free for a day.