Invisible Mesh?

Hey all!

I’m at the point of frustration, thus this post :slight_smile: I’ve read everything I can on exporting from Blender and I’ve searched and searched…

After my exports, I try it in jMonkey and the model is invisible… It acts like it’s still there and there are NO errors on the console but I can’t see it.

What’s interesting is if I delete the jpg that is the texture, I get a console error and the the default red material is used at which point the model will render… completely red obviously.

I have the material named the same as the mesh…

I check these settings when exporting.

-Copy Textures (depending on if I have the texture jpg in the same folder already or not)

-Game Engine Material

-Flip up axis to Y

-Require Materials

-Skeleton name follow mesh

Pulling hair style over here boys and girls, would love the assistance

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Thanks a bunch for the help man it was the light source… I’m kicking myself! I’ve gone so far in my program and what I have renders without light that I completely spaced it… Ugh thanks ha

Yeah, the lighting shader requires a light source. :slight_smile: Glad to help.

Well hopefully I can catch you before you log off you can answer a quick question :slight_smile: How do I make my model render in full color? and remove all shading from my program (It’s android so no shading would help a lot)


  • you can write your own shader. it will be a very-very simple basic shader.
  • you can have a try “Unshaded” shader in jme
  • there is old shader in jme library. “Simple Colored” or “Simple Textured” as far as I remember. you can use it for these purposes.