Invisible wall that can’t be viewed in debug mode?


I got a grid of 3d roads and grass setup.

I have debug mode on which meens that:


Problem is, in the middle of a the game, the characters walk into an invisible wall.

I’v tried to move around it but its impossible. And the wall isnt visible as a wireframe either so I have no idea what it is…

Heres a screenshot:

The swat agent is walking in the direction hes facing, but he can’t move forward for some reason…

What sort of objects can be added to physicspace that wont be visible in debug mode?

A few ways that i’ve ran into invisible walls were left-over collisionshapes from either:

culling the spatial

removing the spatial from the scene-graph but not removing the physics control

using setlocaltranslation/move on a non-kinematic object

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AHHH! It was the skybox that was missplaced :stuck_out_tongue:

The spatial of the skybox was moved, but not the physics object :stuck_out_tongue:

Explains why the car was able to hover outside the map all this time :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks alot man!