IOS deployment with Beta 1 *facepalm*


I am trying to deploy to IOS using a virtual OSX (el capitan) latest version.

I installed CodeX and Jme3.1 (Beta 1) but when I click deploy to IOS it can’t find the IOS SDK.

Also, I get a “org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Could not create pixel format” when trying to run on the virtual machine.

Question1: How to select IOS sdk folder

2: pixel format error at launch?


P.S. No IOS category yet? lol

Better try 3.0. I could not get 3.1 running. AFAIK there’s some work pending.

Exactly. I couldn’t get Avian to compile since for some reason the JRE w/e grew in size and thus we currently have no way to bring 3.1 to iOS. You could hack in the avian release from 3.0 into 3.1, though, I guess.

That didn’t work for me. Had anyone else success?

As the web server situation broke the domain I guess its impossible to install the iOS plugin in the 3.0 SDK (or update it to 3.0.10 for that matter).

Ok, thanks for the info. Anyone have an approx eta on this fix (weeks/months) ?

P.S. When do you guess 3.1 will be ready?

In 8, respectively 10 ulatrons.