IOS Plugin is not there

Hello JMonkey Team,

I want to test the ios plugin :smile:

To install the iOS deployment plugin, go to Tools→Plugins and under “Available plugins” select the “iOS Support” plugin.

But there is no plugin like this under Available plugins need help :smile:
I have the Beta 3.1 und i also clicked check the newest.

tank you

Its not available for 3.1 yet

Oh thank i thought it was 3.1 :frowning:

Make sure you either have the 10.9 SDK installed in XCode or add the search path for your platform of choice for headers, currently thats:

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yes i have to change the path because of no MacOSX10.9.sdk i only have MacOSX10.11.sdk
were can i do this ?

In the XCode project settings, just look for the string I posted.

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thanks but i get the error in jmonkeyPlattform when i build :smile:

clang: warning: no such sysroot directory: ‘/Applications/${ios.version}.sdk’
clang: error: invalid version number in ‘-miphoneos-version-min=${i’

Apparently you didn’t set a iOS SDK version to be used in the jME SDK project settings on the iOS tab. If there appear no iOS SDK versions in the dropdown, make sure you actually have any iOS SDKs installed in XCode.

sure i selected 9.0 maybe it is to new