Is Blender3D viable solution for level design

Seems to me there is a whole lot of opinions regarding this topic.
Thanks for sharing all your opinions.

Is there any way I can test this and tell if many geometries share the same mesh data?

You can iterate through all of your Geometry and see, I guess. If they are the same then they will be == the same. Or you can print the System.identityHashCode()… though I think maybe Mesh doesn’t implement toString() so you might get that automatically if you just dump them.

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Cool, thanks I will have a look at that.

Hi, FYI I do “everythings” in 3D in blender and everythings in 2D Grid in Tiled. They are both very generic and Level design should be just data.


  1. Modeling and making meshs
  2. Add properties to node
  3. Read it and convert to jME3 format (you should use a customizable asset loader). Logic and properties → States, Controls, Components. 3D Mesh, Textures, Shader → Mesh, Textures, Shaders (of course)
  4. Additional editing in SDK with Spatial Properties
  5. Click the Run button. Profit!
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I’m not sure if this makes a difference when using xbuf or not, but in Blender there are two duplicate options.

Shift+d: Creates a copy of the object, two identical meshes that can be edited independently of one another.

Alt+d: creates an instance of the object, both objects share the same mesh data. When you edit the mesh of one the changes are reflected in the other.

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