Is it my project or the Emulator?

Hi there,

I wrote a fairly simple game to try out for an android mobile app project.

For the life of me I cannot get my project to open on an emulator.

I build the project to an apk

I then sign the apk with the keytool

I make the avd, then install the application

Upon running the application in the emulator it says “Application has stopped working”

After looking through the forums I see that other people seem to have issues with emulators.

My main question is, do I have to do anything special to have it just run on android? (I imagine controls are original)

Or do I just click the android box and give the path to my sdk and expect a simple project to run?

AFAIK JME projects won’t run using an emulator. Hopefully someone else can shed more light on this, but I’m fairly sure this is correct. You need to run the app on the device using usb debug mode.

The standard android emulator won’t work…(at least I never managed to make it work properly)
Can’t find the topic anymore, but I recall someone saying he managed to have JME run with genymotion. Could be worth the try