Is it normal that jME got Low FPS on Mac?

I got a low FPS on my MAC (i5 2.4Ghz, intel HD4000, 8GB ram).
There is a flat terrain and a cube moving in the scene. No physic is applied.
The FPS drops to about 30 when the cube is moving, and stays to 60 when the cube stopped.

However, when I test the same code on a PC (i3 3Ghz, intel HD4000, 6GB ram) with windows8.1, the FPS is over 150 all the time.

Is that normal? JME got bad performance on MAC?

I am using jMonkeyEngine SDK 3.0 stable.

Thank you guys! I found the reason. It was because the vsync.
When disable it, every thing goes fine on Mac.
But still a little lower than windows.

Well the windows drivers are usually better optimized than the mac ones. same problem as on linux sigh

Also if it is a macbook it might also be a mobility gpu version.

Just moving a cube shouldn’t matter so much, though. Can’t comment on code unseen.

The Problem is the HD 4000 which means no dedicated gpu inside, only the CPU emulating that behavior, so it will perform poorly.

On my macbook i have thousands/hundreds of fps on the blue-box-scene, but it has the additional m-gpu, which only the 15 inch retinas got, I believe?

But why it perform well on my PC? It also uses HD4000

I don’t think it is the code that make it slow. The code run pretty well on windows.

Sure That the PC doesn’t have another?
Do you have vsync disabled?

Other than that, I have heard that yosemite consumes quite some Power.

But it being exactly 60 and 30 sounds like some framelock.
Also make sure that the Resolution is fullhd and not retina (thats 2500x…)

You could try to install some Linux on a usb stick and Boot from it. It’s a bit of a struggle because you need some efi grub but then it should work. Debian has one, iirc.

Maybe it is because the vsync!
When I enable it on my pc, the FPS drop to 59 on windows.
However, my macbook is not next to me right now. I will check it when I returned home.

Thank you very much!

Anyway, I still feel the code running smoother on windows.

Yep, vsync throttles it to 60fps or 30fps if it cannot reach 60.

And sure it does, yosemite consumes a lot for its fx, transperancy and shit, but on average it should be roughly comparable.

If not you’f have to find out what the exact problem is

Vsync synchronised (as much as possible) the Gpu refresh rate to the Screen refresh rate. If you have a 59hz screen, you’ll get 59fps. Of course if your game runs at 10 fps without vsync it won’t make it faster.

What is the screen resolution on the mac? Retina screens have dumb high resolution that tends to stress the GPU a lot.
Make sure you run the game at the same resolution on Mac an PC.

Well, you have a forum full of experts that could tell you for sure… but sure, go ahead and guess.

Just seems strange that moving a box halves your frame rate… even with vsycn it seems pretty significant. It means normally your code can run less than 16 ms per frame but suddenly moving a box takes more.

Also, pasting a screen shot with stats enabled would tell us a bunch.

I just created a new project and i only got 0…1 fps.

When I use setFramerate on -1, I get 2000 fps on 600x480 windowed.

Try that possibly as well