Is it possible to add a piece of code to an object?

Is it possible to add a piece of code to an object that has been added to the scene as unity engine?

Yep. You’re looking for “Controls”. The wiki tutorials go over all that in detail, so I’d suggest you start by reading through them. There are a whole lot of jME essentials beyond controls there that you’ll need sooner or later, probably sooner.


thank you bro.
i searched “jmonkey controls” and found very nice tutorial in youtube (youtube link) .

i think jmonkey is a nice game engine like UE4 or Unity but it has no good tutorials for beginners.and most of the videos on the Internet are old and low-quality and beginners think that the quality of the jmonkey is low. I personally want to upgrade the graphics of the Editor section, as well as record some high-quality samples and put them on YouTube.

Thank you again

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Hint: under the “Wiki” link at the top of the forum there is a whole series of tutorials.