Is it possible to change the logo in the PropertiesDialog?


i just started using jME3 and worked through the Tutorials (which are great by the way).

Now i started my own little game project and wanted to change the logo that is displayed in the PropertiesDialog when you start an jME application. I looked at the FlagRush Tutorial to see how it was done in jME 2 and was unable to transfer it to jME 3. There seems to be no setConfigShowMode Function or something similar and i couldn’t find the BaseGame Class as well (i thought that i might need it to change the logo).

I know that jME3 does not support all of the features jME2 does right now and my question is if this is one of the unsupported things and if not how i do it in jME3.

Greetings lahmar

Application & Simpleapplication are the classes you are probably looking for.

I tried it with both of them but couldn't find the setConfigShowMode Function or something similar.

I think EmpirePhoenix meant that this is the entry point where to start to dig into the code to find

the place where the image is set/loaded. A good chance to see the code and understand what is

going on there.

…and to be honest. Setting the picture should be the last thing you think of when you create a game. First make the game then you can polish the monkey away :smiley:

ttrocha said:
First make the game then you can polish the monkey away :D

Lol, that sounds like a really bad euphemism XD

I know that changing the logo isn't the most important task, but i wanted to do it and i finally made it … kind off.

Here is the code i am using right now:

import com.jme3.system.AppSettings;

public class Main extends Application {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Main app = new Main();
        AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);
        SettingsDialog sd = new SettingsDialog(settings, Main.class.getClassLoader().getResource("Interface/Logo/asd.jpg"));

The image "asd.jpg" from the "assets/Interface/Logo" Folder is shown in the Dialog. I get an NullPointer Exception if i press an button but i might get it to work properly :)

i looked further through the jme3 code of the simpleapplication and found the com.jme3.system.jmesystem class in which the logo is set. is there any way i can use the simpleapplication and change the logo? right now i would say that i need to use in order to get my own logo shown in the SettingsDialog. The downside would be that i have to implement a bunch of stuff (like seen in jmesystem) which i know nothing about.

extend SimpleApplication and override it with your image - or look at the code and make your own customised version?