Is it possible to download a web page complete full forum thread in some way?

I was trying to download just one full thread topic I would like to re-read even when offline if necessary, but it seems to only bring the last posts on it…
Any idea?

I’ve found some info here Print long topic to PDF, redux, again - feature - Discourse Meta
Pressing CTRL+P in any thread will show up the printable mode

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wow worket great, 1 more click and I got a pdf, thx!

Thanks for sharing this information… very helpful especially i don’t much about computers…
thank you

You can right click → save as complete web page, and then open it in your browser any time, even if you are offline. This works for any page in a browser.

Yeah no, that used to be the case before javascript existed. Welcome to the future where everything’s a server request and the static content doesn’t matter.

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…thought we needed a face for the (maybe unintentional) paraphrasing. :slight_smile: