Is it possible to embed JME in JavaFx?


I am wondering if it is possible to embed JME in JavaFx for the purposes of 3D rendering. I know that JavaFx can do 3D rendering itself, but, it is preferable in my case to have a full-fledged game engine do the rendering.

I have already tried embedding a JME SwingCanvas into a JPanel into a SwingNode, but, that – as expected – does not work and insted produces a blank area where the JME content should go.

I am hoping there is something built into JME to handle this for I do not have enough knowledge about (open/lwj)gl to do this myself.

Thank you.

Yes, JME3-JFX is about JFX into jME3 and jME3 into JFX

the sample for jme into jfx: