Is it possible to make a game that looks like doom 2?

Can this engine make a 2.5d game such as doom 2 using sprites. If it is possible then is this recommended with this engine and would their be performance problems?

yep, you even can make doom 3 with this engine :smiley:
sprites and performance problems? somehow those words do not go together :smiley:

Yes. Everything is possible with jme !
You may also find a lot of ready to use libs/code to load data from the original doom (*.wad) on the internet.
Performance problems ? Why ? Performance problems on such a low-tech game means you probably have a programmer problem :smile:


Thanks for the answers, sorry it took so long to reply :slight_smile:

if you need help with sprites just ask, im very deep into sprites atm :smiley:

Or a very cruddy computer :grin:

Its possible and easy to do it.
Will you have performance problems, I doubt it.
Its recommended, maybe, there is others game engines to do just that, those maybe have better performance and even easier to use, but it will be limited to do just 2.5 or 2D games.
So, if you will never be interested in 3D games, my suggestion is to try to find other game engine for that. Otherwise, if you want an engine that can do any type of game and start on 2D, you can go for Jm3.