Is it possible to mix signed and unsigned jars with Java Web Start?

Below is a link to an interesting page about JOGL and mixing signed and unsigned code in Java Web Start! Evidently, it is possible to do! However, I haven’t gotten the lwjgl libs to work (yet), but it seems like it may be possible, or rather, am I missing something? What I’d like to do is use the signed jars from lwjgl’s Applet distribution with unsigned code, and include jMe as unsigned. Has anyone been able to do it? Here’s an explaination about how to do it with JOGL:

The thing is that the code that is not signed will not be able to execute with full privileges… aside from that, there should not be any problem. jME must be signed, thus, otherwise it will not open model files, audio, etc.


I unpack media to a known directory and then load it up from there. Any models that need to be customised etc…

why do you want to do this?

Was a work around if anything.

The model loading needs a single directory for its images, All the model knows is that it has door.jpg, roof.jpg and wall.jpg. But each model may have different images ( black roof, brown roof ) etc and these differing images reside in different directories.

The way around it was to copy all the images that a model needed into a single directory, then let it load up from there.

It just satisfied getting a working release out and working around the nasties of webststart. The intention is to drop webstart sometime soon

Long term I really modifiy the model loading, its a multiplayer game where players can change the look of a building, it wont be known to another player what that buuilding looks like until they get a stream of bytes from the server specifying what colour door, window or wall the building has.