Is it possible to run several instances of the same applications at the same time?


I am working on a small project on JME. It is a game with multi-player support.

I am trying to debug it by launching several applications on the same computer. But every time I launch a second game application, the first one turns into “no response”.

My game application is like:

public class GameApplication extends SimpleBulletApplication implements ActionListener

I tried to launch two different JME applications, it seems fine. But I cannot launch two instances of the same application.

Is it possible for me to run at least two instances of this application on the same computer?

If impossible, it will be hard for me to debug…

Thanks for helping. I would really appreciate it.

You can’t run two LWJGL display applications in the same VM. You can try starting one application in one process and another in a different process.

You can also make one of the applications headless (without window).

Two processes should run fine. Try starting them from command line instead of double-clicking the jar.