Is it possible to save the scene as .blend?

Hey guys,

what I want to do is, to save my current JME-scene to a data format, that can be printed with a 3D printer (most commonly .STL). I would not mind, if I had to do some steps manually with blender, but since blender cannot open a j3o file, I cannot do that. Saving and loading the file as .j3o with JME works perfectly fine.

Is there a possibility to save the scene as .obj or .blend or something similiar?
If not, is there a possibility to open the .j3o with blender or another conversion tool?

I have been scanning the forums but couldnt find any answers on my question, since this might be a rare usecase.

Thanks in advance!

This is not probably the answer you are looking for but STL seems to be very simple format ( You could just easily traverse the JME scene by hand and export it to STL.

Nope and nope. Sorry.