Is jME an executable game engine? Need a high end IDE... - Tetris JAVA Tut

Is jME a executable game engine?

Also I need a high end IDE, something that is activated like photoshop… Buy it and put in activation code and you have it for life… You don't have to renew every year or so…

Also can someone point me in the right direction to make my very own Jetris (lol TETRIS) game for the Java game dev. beginner?

Lets say I built a car in 3DS MAX - How would I Import it to the game?


To help our next responses:

Are you a Java developer yet?

If not we don't mean you can't do it, we're just asking to help our comunnication.

Alright so jME isn't a executable to where I can just open execute it and start programming/designing like say 3DS Max (I know this is not a game engine no need to tell me that). But it's nothing along the lines of that?

I've messed around in C/C++/VB/Pascal/Python and have knowledge of Java… Not so great knowledge but I need to know how it works…

That is why I seek the knowledge of how to make a Tetris using jME :wink:

OK, let me answer you:

JME is a game engine in the sense that it provides a LOT of features for programmer who make games, but it's not the thing you're looking for right now, I think…

JME does have an editor with drag and drop capabilities (search for MonkeyWorld 3D), a very good particles system editor (Ren's particle editor), but most of the functionalities are useful for programmers, not game level designers or so…

What we can say is that here you'll get a lot of support in game programming and JME does have neat features that you won't find in torque or game studio…

About the tetris tutorial, we don't have it exactly like that, but it would be easy to make one by following the wiki tutorials.

nope, JME is for programmers not for artists. if im correct u r looking for someting like A6 or Torque where u can just drag and drop stuff.

to fully program a game using JME, u need solid java background, programming skills and some GL knowledge would help alot too.

and about the high end IDE, nope. theres no such thing that lets u program with drag and drop, u need to type  XD

Okay now it's settled my question was is it a exe like torque or w/e. It's not… Okay good.

Now can someone point me in the direction to get started using this from basic creation like Tetris etc something that will get me warmed up with jME?

And thanks for the help thus far! :smiley:

Have you tried Flag Rush tutorial bundled with jme from CVS?

On a side note: If you are really keen on tetris, you dont even need Java for it, you can do it entirely in JavaScript + SVG in under 500 lines of code (you need Firefox to run it, to see the code select View->PageSource):

What he said… jME is an engine for making real time 3D games, not tetris…

If you look for a wysiwyg-game engine and you are not  a programmer, look at Blender is a solid 3D-Package with build-in game engine.

The combination jME/MW3D/Blender will be what you're looking for…someday :wink: