Is jME dead?

Hi there,

jME looks really interesting for a small 3d game I plan to create, however is it still alive?

Is it right that the last version was released over a year ago?

Thanks, lg Clemens

Welcome Linuxhippy,

jME is very actively developed - see cvs and announcements on the site. The community is even more active - see this board!

The last release was 0.10 on April 28, 2006 - not yesterday but less than a year.

So, no worries: jME is alive :slight_smile:

Glad to hear this - seems I somehow mixed the dates.

I was quite sad since jME looked most promising and is the only really open source one.

yippie … I am happy now :slight_smile:

Thanks, lg Clemens

There were roughly 500 CVS commits since januari this year.

Just dare and suggest we're dead again, you lazy good for nothing hippy! :evil:

Oh, and welcome  :smiley:

hehe, I just made committed a bunch of new features last night so it's anything but dead. :o

At release time, generally.

gokudomatic said:

I've seen that jME is not dead, with the CVS updated at least each week. but each time, I wonder what changes.
Of course, nobody can expect that every change or add in cvs is documented, but sometime, like few days ago, there are big changes with file addition and suppression.
Obviously it was a move of classes from a package to another one, but just that will outdate tutorials, examples and docs. And I don't know where it is notified.

The CVS mailing list I linked to includes the log entries the developers make when a CVS update is done.