Is jME right choice for my project?

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for some Java 3D engine for my diploma work and I’ve found jME. It looks great, but I’m working on 3D data visualization tool, not game. I’ve used Java3D in past (one small project), but I’m disappointed with it.

Imagine application like this:

Would you choice Java3D or jME?

Thanks a lot!


Well, both Java3D and jME share the scene graph concept, so the real difference there is just the syntax. Many users of Java3D wants a faster alterative mainly to create games (those are the ones that need fast rendering), and it’s there jME steps in.

It would be easier to answer your question if you explained what you where disappointed at with Java3D?

Oh, and also jME handles input and sound, which I don’t know if Java3D does.

I think renanse has successfully integrated jME with Swing, but I’m not sure…

Also a few people here have had success integrating jME with SWT (Eclipses GUI).