Is jme used in university courses?

Is JMonkeyEnging used in university courses? If so, which ones?

I thought there would be many many but google tells me there is just a few in recent times (like one or two this year!?). Can’t be true, can it? Probably I lack googling skills :slight_smile: Or I hope it is that way :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you know a course, please leave a comment with a point to it here. I mean like a recent course given, say, in 2017 and on either virtual reality or game construction or computer graphics etc.


I used jME for the final project of my Object Oriented Programming class, and that was a couple of years ago. Also, in my current college, South Dakota State University, we have Game Programming 2 class where you can choose your tech. People usually choose Unity, but if I were to take that course, I’d choose use jME. But since it was an elective class, I choose to take an Algorithm class over Game Programming 2.

Some lectures and assignments that we had we could choose what to use, similarly I chose jME for several of them.

Well if that’s the game I think about (with the rabbit?) it was more than a couple of years ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

yes yes yes :stuck_out_tongue: Couple, a few, some, several, many - I still get confused even after all these years.

If I recall correctly I made it around the first half of 2012.

I used jME for a university project two years ago.
But sadly, all practical courses in game development at my university (Technical University Munich) use Unity.

You’re describing computer science courses, and they are available pretty much everywhere. Most have various languages to choose from, some include java. There are various link pages dotted around the hub here, as well as the rest of the internet if you’re looking for educational cookies.

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Yeah Unity/Unreal are the mainstream engines in the game industry.
But JME is the flagship Java game engine.

One that no longuer uses JMonkey:

And another one I think still uses it.

You may find one or another here and there but bottom line Unity or Unreal are the dominant ones taught because they are the current mainstream engines.

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P.S. more on a former post

I contacted them (intrigued by the relative vicinity and VR focus) but sadly it seems the course is no longer available.