Is setWalkDirection constant velocity?

hi, sorry I ask a rudimentary question again.
when I move character in simpleUpdate,
should I set the argument of setwalkdirection to multiply tpf?
i.e. characterControl.setWalkDirection( vec3f.multLocal( tpf ) );
Or, will it be a constant speed without being affected by the fps? (idk internal bullets)
I have seen some sample code, there was both.( mult(tpf) or not )

There was both for characterControl? Because then that would have to be changed as its not correct, the characterControl and most of bullet is framerate independent, you set an absolute speed in m/s. (The bullet character uses a different way to calculate the speed, see the javadoc) So no multiplication with tpf for the walkDirection.
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thanks for your quick explanation. XD
I understand very well.
and sorry if I did something unpleasant, coz I am not good at English