Is ther a way to add several texture alyers to a obj file?

Well I want to test a few models with the normalmap shader that is in the jmetest package, but currently i have the problem that i can't add specific texture layers in a obj file. My question is, is this a limitation of the format or a limitytion of my knowledge?

There's a feature in the OBJ format that allows you to specify normal and/or specular maps, but the importer in jME ignores those attributes. It should be easy to edit it so it uses the attributes and applies a shader, the attributes are in the mtl file and are called map_bump and map_Ks for normalmap and specularmap.

Thanks, I just wonder is it jsut me or does the shader currently not work that is in:

jmetest.renderer.loader.TestNormalmap? actually it does not render the whole texture layers for me, but worked earlyer (thats why I though about adding it to my project)