Is there a better way to implement simple water

Hello, I am fairly new to Java Programming and I have been doing some of the tutorials. I have created a small terrain that is basically a rice terrace and all I need now is a thin layer of water for each of the pools. As you can see here I was able to implement some simple water using code, but I need like 30 or so and they have really specific placement and it would be a real hassle just using code. You can also see that the water on top isn’t positioned or sized right and I would also like to shape it better so I can get it to fit in the pools without having to make the pools square shaped.
I was wondering if there was a way to implement the simple water in the scene editor so that I could manage it and edit it much better or if there was a way for me to create one simple water that fills all the pools and doesn’t overlap outside of the pools. I have looked around to find things that would help me with this but I couldn’t find any. If you have a solution to this problem(or even things to try) then they would be very helpful or you could direct me to another source that may be helpful if you know any.
Thank You.

If you want to embed images then you have to provide the direct image link and not the drop page.

Oh ok sorry about that There we go that should work. I wish I could change my op.

you dont have to use a quad for the shape of your water. it can be any mesh. make a mesh the shape of the pond thing and use that instead.


Wow, thank you. It seems so simple I will try it right away.

Wow thank you for the advice, I was able to get it to work I was able to take my terrain scene file and I created a new one based off of that and with a bit of editing I put the water texture on it and set the scale slightly off from the original. After I raised the “pond” areas on the terrain that has the water texture then they appeared in the actual pond areas of the main terrain. Thanks for the help.

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although there’s some spotty areas I can fix those with more editing. Now its time to put some particle emitters on some of the areas to make a small waterfall like effect.

very nice, looking good!

Thank You. This was mainly a “can I do this” kind of sample project but I might be able to implement it into a game later.