Is there a new wiki?

Hey everyone,

through google I have found the website:
Is this the new wiki?

follow those links

Then whats the website for?

You mean this one?
Tbh i don’t know where it comes from… maybe our old website got finally restarted.
@kwando @Momoko_Fan any idea?

Nice :stuck_out_tongue: It has a Search Bar

It’s the rendered version of, which @erlend_sh has been committing to since 02/28/2016.

hehe ok thanks, then I guess we should delete this repo and remap the url to the new wiki

Yeah new wiki is faster than the old one,but it needs a search button.

The new wiki need CSS for the tools bar (edit, create, search,…).
I pushed the search box today.

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Which one is the current, official Wiki for JME? Since the site outage a few wikis have appeared, and I’m confused which is the official one.

Like, if I want to make an edit or report an issue, which version should I be using?

I would say just click above on the wiki link and you get what you ask for.