Is there a object for userData?

Say i wanted to save someones settings for launching a game like resolution, Vsync, etx… would i just use the jmeExporter and export a node to a .j3o or is there a object made for just userData like that?


Ohh. okay thanks. i thought you only could export classes that implement Spatial. sorry if that was a dumb question.

Just two words and the question has been answered. If only all of the world’s problems could be solved that way.

It’s Java… you can save anything however you want. But it’s not relevant in the case of app settings as those are already saved for you. No “exporting” required.

…but anyway, attaching display settings to a “visual element” would be probably the worst possible way one could imagine to store those settings. It would be like including a whole database right in your text field control or something.

Those are literally right on app settings… and it is automatically saved for your application title… and can be loaded at startup with:

Okay thanks for the tips.