Is there a resize event/hook to adjust UI layout after resize in AppStates?

What I am currently doing is overriding the reshape method in my SimpleApplication:

private BaseScreen currentState = null;

private void changeToScreen(BaseScreen newScreen) {
    currentState = newScreen;

public void reshape(int width, int height) { // this method says Internal use only!
    super.reshape(width, height);
    currentState.resizeGui(width, height);

Where BaseScreen is an abstract class that extends AbstractAppState (it’s basically just how I manage screens rather than bundling it all into SimpleApplication).

I cannot see an easier way to do this and I am wondering if I am missing something.

There isn’t one on app state and I’ve missed it a few times.

You can register a custom scene processor, though. Someday, I want to add a listener for resize, focus, minimize/maximize events and so on. Probably not until JME 3.2.

In the mean time, your best bet for reshape is a SceneProcessor with all of the methods empty except reshape.