Is there a way to make the lines of a BoundingVolume larger?

Hello dear monkeys,

is there a way of making the lines of a BoundingVolume (e.g. a BoundingBox) bigger / larger? I can show the BoundingVolumes of certain spatials in the scene, but I want the lines to have a bigger size. Is this somehow possible for example through material options?

It would be great if someone knows how it can be done and explains it to me :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Which version of JME are you running?

3.1 beta 1 (SDK version)

Take a look at RenderState (as in material.getAdditionalRenderState()) to see how to set line width for a wire mesh.


Okay, thanks, I will do that when I come home from school. I am going to tell you if it worked :smiley:

Hey @pspeed, it does work perfectly. Just this little line of code is necessary:


Thank you very much for your help :kissing_heart: