Is there any level editor available

Hi, I find it hard to manage all the scene stuff by hard coding.

Is there any available editor, I know the Monkey world 3D, any else?

Thanks :smiley:

A "level editor" implies making something for a particular game…  jME is not a game, so it has no "level editor".

The resources page has some links to editors.

I believe you can build your entire level in Maya or Max, and export as COLLADA. You'll have to come up with your own mechanism for adding triggers and game logic, though.

Thanks guys :smiley:

we are building our maps using gimp, paint shop pro, some terrain editor and the models using milkshape & some other editor spitting out 3ds files.

Another example: I use Blender, export through Collada and after loading within jME I post process the geometry.