Is there any method to use 'Android Animation like scale, translation....' in SimpleApplication?

I should have to use Animation which is not Model Animation.

Shoud i use ‘Particle Animation’?

Or is there any solution??

Hu…not sure i understand but…

If you want to create an animation by transforming a spatial, you have a spatial animation system, and a recently added AnimationFactory.

Look at TestAnimationFactory for usage, is pretty simple and I explain everything in the javadoc.

The idea is to add key frames to the factory (translation, rotation or scale key frames) and it will build the entire animation by interpolating between the keyframes.

Since that has nothing to do with android i’m not sure i answered your question.


Thank you ^^

Ill test this Animation and ill post the result of Animation. ^^

I just decide to use "Particle Effect " ^^

It works good.!