Is there any way to change app Icon?

As said, there’s any way to change the app icon to another one?

I’ve looked the forums and i’ve found nothing. Thanks.

What app icon?

i think he means the default lwjg one that is in the edge of the window and in the taskbar

That one, right.

So, is there a way to doit? In a standard JFrame is just calling something like

[java]setIconImage(new ImageIcon(getClass().getResource("/icon.png")).getImage());[/java]

…however I don’t know how to access top-level window in jME3 application (or is it JFrame at all).


Hmmm, this is kinda LWJGL related call. Couldn’t this be wrapped maybe in AppSettings? :slight_smile:

I have submitted a patch for this:

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Thanks for the patch, I was using Display.setIcon but it’s good there is a jME “native” option now.