Is there anything special about "BoundingCapsule" ( collisions detected)

Hello all,

Hmm, took me a while to figure this out… I have code here where the player is

a capsule (…yes, com.jme.scene.shape.Capsule) right now… and I thought

that com.jme.bounding.BoundingCapsule would be appropriate for collision checking,

but it didn't work… after switchting to com.jme.bounding.BoundingBox it works

right away… Is there a special reason for this?

I didn't even know there were bounding capsules  :stuck_out_tongue:

Since this is the first time I've ever heard about them my guess would be nobody uses them and since they've had no 'real world' testing they are probably broken…

I'm probably horribly wrong so just consider this a free bump!  :wink:

As far as i recall mojomonk added them a while ago and stated that they are cheaper to test for than boxes.

afaik (from other posts) they're not completely implemented yet. but i might be wrong (as usual).

…hmmm, would have been nice if there would be a little, little comment line in the sources

if this (broken) would be the case…

oliver1974 said:

..hmmm, would have been nice if there would be a little, little comment line in the sources
if this (broken) would be the case..

Well if the dev's knew it was broken then it wouldn't be broken in cvs  :P

That is to say if they knew it was broken to add a comment they would have in fact fixed the broken!

Yes, I am a master of linguistics (thats a type of pasta; right?)  XD

Sorry, but it sounded for me that it was left broken in the cvs

while KNOWING it was broken…

So, it may be broken and no one did realize it… where do I file

my bug report? :slight_smile:

(… but I should get a fresh checkout from the cvs before, I guess)

maybe someone should just check that statement of mine  :stuck_out_tongue:

jmetest.intersection.TestBoundingCapsule runs well for me … unless You mix bounding volumes that is.

This is because in com.jme.bounding.BoundingCapsule the implementations of the intersect methodes for all but ray and BoundingCapsule are only

placeholders and marked TODO

hah! so i was right.  :smiley:

Indeed… Didn’t look THAT far down in the source… So this explains everything…

EDIT: See Marks blog also…


Yeah, such is life. BoundingCapsules work for specific situations, but is far from feature complete. It was a matter of getting collisions where we needed it then needing to move on to something else. I promise, they will be returned to before too long. But until then, unless you want to work on capsules (which I won't complain), I would recommend staying away from them until they are complete.