Is there anyway to use glow effect in jme?

glow effect like this

any advise would help  :slight_smile:

most often achieved with post process pixel shaders…render to tetxure, extract highlights, blur, blend blurred highligts with real scene…

I'm going to implement this in a near future and will share it here…

A way that is qickly implemented in jME would be a particle system. That is not very fast to execute but I think it'd do the job while MrCoder is implementing the real one… (have a look at TestFireMilk - simply remove the particle movement?)

that's a nice idea irrisor, quick ways are good ways  :smiley:

though the hard thing with that way is that it is hard to apply to a full scene(you have to know which the light objects are, the glowing guy, windows, bright sun etc)

MrCoder said:

though the hard thing with that way is that it is hard to apply to a full scene

true, but I thought only the guy would glow - so attach the particles to him and put a light inside him so the scene will be lit. What am I missing?

Oh, nvm, got it  :)  You mean: you have to know what is glowing, right? Is there a chance to do it automatically?

yes that's what i meant…dunno if theres a way to do that automatically without shaders

Is there a way in JME currently to render a model as a bunch of particles, one at each vertex, rather than rendering it normally? Or would I have to code that myself? That's how Everquest 2 does all its fancy tricks, they're all simple models rendered as particles at the vertices.

just look at the


I'm looking for the glow effect also. MrCoder have you implemented something or have a snippet of source code I can learn something from?

Thanks a lot

take a look at the bloom effect

yes, it's into the cvs now…

totally offtopic, but funny:

I see a "bloom effect" in the avatar of MrCoder too  XD