Is there some documentation on writing effects?

I would like to learn how to write various filters for JME. Specifically, I would like to fully understand how various filters such as the SSAOFilter and the DLSF work. I have looked around the JME wiki and I can’t find any documentation on this and I don’t know what external documentation is applicable because I don’t know how JME’s filter system works.

Are there any JME-specific tutorials on how to write filters (preferably with all of the necessary information to do so)?

At it’s most basic, a filter is just a full screen quad with access to the depth and color textures from the main frame. Nothing particularly special.

The easiest way to learn is to copy one of the existing simpler ones and modify it.

Is this a good idea if I know absolutely nothing about how to write OpenGL? Would it be best if I learned OpenGL first? If so, where?

Yeah, it’s GLSL you are interested in… general OpenGL won’t help much. There are tutorials on writing shaders in JME… as normen linked to.

Still, once you understand that a post processing filter is a full screen quad and that you sample the color and depth textures to do some effect, it’s not a bad way to learn shaders. But your best bet is to run through the tutorials and see where you are then.

All right, thanks, I’ll do that.