Is there something like ImageGraphics in jme3?

I can’t find anything like this.

Is there? or is it scheduled to implement?

There isn’t, haven’t encountered a situation where it is useful.

Then, I should try to port jme2 or Ardor3D version.

My usecase is server monitoring application which uses jfreechart to visualize statistics.

It makes it easy to integrate jme with 2D libraries.


Hello @mulova

We are currently porting our game from JME2 to JME3 and also miss the old com.jmex.awt.swingui.ImageGraphics functionality.

In our games it is used on several locations to update small pieces of a large texture (e.g. updating the “alphamap” texture used in terrain texture splatting, updating map overlays, and using SVG data to draw new areas in a large texture).

Did you successfully manage to port it? Or is there another way to do this at low performance cost/real time?

I think it should be fairly easy to port it, I mean the Texture/Image API hasn’t changed much since jME2

@maximusgrey you may refer to this.

Thanks for the suggestions, tomorrow I will try the wrapper first and otherwise do the port.