Is there such a thing as discontinuity angle in JM for .obj or .3ds?

Hi there, is there such a thing as discontinuity angle in JM for .obj or .3ds?

Do faces get this type of smoothing?


Are you talking about a crease in the model due to normals? or what type of discontinuity are you talking about? (Sorry if this is a well known issue and I am just showing my ignorance  )

(Maybe he refers to a function which allows to set a certain angle to avoid the model to look all smoothed.)

To do that you should replace some of the model normals with the perpendicular to the vertex in such "discontinuities".

As far as I know, you should define that look in your modelling application and export your model with normal data. At least .3ds supports it.

Also, I don't know of a jME function which would do what you say.

Sorry if I completely misunderstood the question.

Hope it helps!


That is exactly what I meant by the crease angle and the normals  :smiley:

Java3D has a normal generator class (with open source) that you can pass the angle to. It will smooth the normals of every pair of triangles whose angle is less than the crease, and will keep the edge on those with angle greater than the crease. I once did some implementation of it, and if it is desirable, I could translate it to jME.

ok sorry for such a vague question      let's put it like this, do the faces get smoothed as in open gl viewport, like when working in max or xsi, how can you acheive a really smoothed look?

              thanks    12

  hey Duenez that sounds interesting, I'm sure this way you could acheive a smoother model.  Examples please

Well, I cannot seem to find a normal generator in jME, so I will post mine translated to jME (I will not post Sun's from java3D, because it has a different license  :()

Anyway, it might take some days, but you will have it.  :wink:

BTW, if you only want smooth surfaces instead of edges, it is easier to do… The general case is obviously harder  , I think I will be lazy and if asked for, I can go for the big-one.  :smiley:

:mrgreen:Please go for the big one duenez it would really help. I hope one day I can become good and return the favour. :smiley:


Hey guys any news on this? It sounds so promising…

Sure, check this thread: