Is this example available?

I was looking into lighting:

There is an image at the very bottom of the page, which looks really cool, but it’s not really clear whether this code is available somewhere. Does somebody know where to find it?

the bottom image was early game development of one of users. So i dont think there is a code to copy.

But if you want do the same, you need write kind of hexa-voxel-code to generate terrain like this.

There are libs for “block” based terrains, so you can do one for hex based on this libs.

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I just like the way the textures interact with the lighting and all, it looks pretty dope. I’m wondering what we can do with the engine and if we can run something that looks really nice.

Sure you can.

The terrain ones are kinda cool I have to admit.

The screenshot image has @thetoucher 's name on it. Let’s ask him!

It’s an early screen shot of this unfinished game: Steam Greenlight::Maker's Tale

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What they said.

@pspeed is always correct.