Issue 168

This coming week is Thanksgiving in the US, so I'll be busy with family visiting and that sort of thing (and I'm guess Renanse will be too). But could someone try looking into Issue 168 as soon as they can, as it's keeping Galun from doing what he needs to do at the moment. If anyone has some free time, if not, he'll just have to wait a week or so.

I've taken it on and I think I fixed it.  Attaching a full test to the issue for review.

Ok, since all the buffers are transient… how do we actually save any geometric data? Previously, we were serializing the vector arrays, but now that those are gone…

I only changed one Buffer to be transient - the one in the MaterialState that is basically just used in calcs.  That one is recreated by the constructor.  To answer your question though, we took care of serializing goemetric data a while back when we went to buffers by saving the buffers in geometry.writeObject and geometry.readObject.

Ok, I see.

Galun reports that he is having more success, but now having trouble with the MaterialState (being as you mention it directly, might be related). He's getting a NPE, and he posted the error:

I wish he'd just save and load from .jme…  :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, added a readObject similar to the one in LWJGLTextureState to handle that buffer.  Mistakenly thought the empty constructor would be called.