Issue 211 - NiftyGui does not consume input events

The mouse moving you will get. The click event should be absorbed by nifty and always is for me.

Yes Zarch, I just checked out, I am not getting the mouse click event, which is cool :slight_smile:
However, it is still gettting the MouseMove or MouseAxis event. This means that i will be getting the mouseover events on objects which are below the nifty gui. Is there a way to disable mouse axis event when the mouse is hovering over nifty gui. Thanks

Or will have to manually get the screen co-ordinates and check whether they are falling on nifty gui and not to check for mouse over events for objects in the game, which fall below the nifty gui. Just a thought.

Yes, move movement is not blocked by the GUI - there is no reason for it to be really.

What are you trying to achieve? There might be a better way to do it.

Like I have mouse over events on objects in game , which opens an panel showing information about them.
Now suppose I have an InventoryPanel open, and I am working with them, but below that Inventory panel in the game any object might get the mouse over event and open its information panel.
This information panel I can put in a layer below the Inventory layer to hide it.,
But i think it will still use some cpu cycles and also nifty rendering. Any ideas? I might be thinking wrong abt. this

I would just not open the info panel if an inventory panel is open.

In fact I’d make it a bit more generic and have a central popup handler that knows what is already open and then allows or disallows others appropriately…

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Yea, I was thinking about the same, thanks