Issue connecting one object to another

How do you go about sticking a mesh to another mesh?

I have an object, Obj1, that moves around. I have another object, Obj2, that I want to ‘stick’ to the first object, like velcro. (i.e. : when Obj1 moves, Obj2 stays in the same position relative to Obj1) Im currently trying to do this with nodes :

Node1 (attachChild(Obj1 and SubNode1))


—SubNode1 (attachChild(Obj2))


The object gets stuck, but does not inherit Obj1 rotations (oddly, it inherits translations). Is this the proper way to do this?

Are you running plain alpha 4 or a nightly build?

As I recall, some of this child transform inheritance stuff was fixed after alpha 4 (which is pretty ancient now by open source standards).

Product Version: jMonkeyPlatform Alpha-4

Java: 1.6.0_20; OpenJDK Client VM 19.0-b09

Yeah, its being funny. Im pretty sure Im attaching it right, but now, when the arm rotates up, the thing attached rotates up, but inward (toward the rotation axis) as well)

I guess Im a bit confused… I thought having it auto update to the nightly build (which it does) got me the latest-and-greatest, but you say alpha 4 is old-and-busted… how can I tell for sure so I can answer accurately?

If you have it auto update to the nightly build then you should be running the latest. I don’t know how to tell because I actually build right from SVN.

If you can reduce the problem to a simple test case it would help track down what is happening. For the issue that was fixed already, I had posted a test case. I’ll see if I can track down the link in case you want to see if it’s similar and/or that one still fails for you too.

The link:

May have been a different issue.