Issue in building game for android :(

Hi All,

I am new baby in game development. I have downloaded and install jmonkey engine sdk 3.0. I have created some examples thought JMonkey basic turtorial. but when i am trying for android compiling i am getting following error :-

Replacing bullet library with android native version.

E:JMonkeyBasicGamenbprojectmobile-impl.xml:56: The following error occurred while executing this line:

E:JMonkeyBasicGamenbprojectmobile-impl.xml:62: src ‘E:JMonkeyBasicGamemobilelibsjME3-bullet-natives-android.jar’ doesn’t exist.

BUILD FAILED (total time: 2 seconds)

Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz Helpppppppppp…

Thanks in advance…

I tried with android 2.2 and 2.3.

have you updated to the latest stable update? if you don’t know how to, a simple forum search will yield how

did you follow exactly what the android wiki page says?

Yes, I did not added android plug-in before now added but same error :frowning:

I tried reinstalling now everything is working fine thanx :slight_smile: