Issue Tracking and 0.6

Ok, it’s time for us to make better use of the tools. We’ve started using the issue tracking some on 0.5, but let’s really make use of it for 0.6. So, I am going to create a Task list on it for each feature to be added next release.

Myself will have:


discrete level of detail

continuous level of detail


Let me know what you plan for next release (specifically) and I’ll create a tasking. You can then mark taskings on whether they are started or not, and make notes about what you are doing. It will allow us to better understand what each other are doing.

umm…i wont be able to do much, unless rendering to texture is on your list! Currently, for me:

  1. Tinting.
  2. Base for transient effects (Curtains...swirls...etc) that will allow the user to create their own effects too.
  3. Basis transient effects.

Yep, rendering to a texture is on my list to support the level of detail. However, it might take a few days to get there, so you might want to find a little project to tackle in the meantime. Tomorrow I will get your tasks on the issue tracker.

Here’s what I plan to do for 0.6 GUI.

Started - Basic slider

Planned - Editable text field


Ok, I got mine, greggs and ahmed’s tasks entered into the tracker. Try to remember to use it (I forget too). It will make it nice for the developer’s to know what the other’s are working on.

Gregg, did you have any luck with the alpha in images?

Yes I did. I’ll commit it when I commit the slider stuff. Should be sometime this week.