Issue with JOGL and DDS texture


During my experiment/migration from LWJGL to JOGL (with JME 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT), I notice that some of my model are no longer displayed (visible with LWGL, black with JOGL). And no error in logs.

After investigation, the cause seems to be an issue with DDS. All textures of the model are in DDS (created with nvidia-tools).

I update the sample project : GitHub - davidB/sandbox_jme3_jogl: experiment jme3 with jogl backend to display a cube with DDS (include code to display Sponza, but commented).

expected display (from LWJGL) :

Question: is DDS should be supported by JOGLbackend (for 3.1.0-SNAPSHOT) ?


A subset of all possible DDS textures is currently supported. One of our contributors is preparing an important improvement in DDS support for JOGL 2.4.0, he works on DXGI and KTX support too. Maybe there is some room for improvements in the current JOGL backend.

But I guessed DDS support was provide by JME (via src/plugins/java/com/jme3/texture/plugins/, independently from the OpenGL wrapper.

You’re right. Then, there is something wrong between this loader and the JOGL backend.