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Hi again, guys.
Is there any place to write known issues with JMONKEY and android?.
After testing my code in a lot of devices (real ones) I have found an issue with a specific Motorola device and I want to write it in the wiki, so, what’s the correct place?

The wiki man is @mitm and I think you just submit a PR on this repo.

GitHub - jMonkeyEngine/wiki: The official wiki for jMonkeyEngine.

I am just one of the people who help. Anyway, the android pages are a mess. I wont update them myself since I only update things I actually have experience with and understand.

I have been assembling some posts on fixing this page,

But still am not comfortable with actually implementing anything related to it.

I have @jayfella comments saved, but am unsure if they are complete since I do not use google anything if I can help it.

Edit: Feel free to crazy and fix anything you wish… You can follow the link @jayfella has and on it you will find detailed explanations on how to contribute.

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If I found an issue with jMonkeyEngine, I would report it to the issue tracker:
Issues · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub

Currently there’s no easy way to find Android-related issues in the tracker, but if some energetic person wanted to apply an “Android” label to existing issues, I’d happily create such a label.

I’m more than willing to help with Android issues (if I’m able to fix them, of course), but my free time is not big enough to do everything :(.
Anyway, as I said, I want to help, if I can. :slight_smile:

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I went ahead and created a label in the tracker and seeded it with a dozen old issues. Look at them when you get some free time:
Issues · jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine · GitHub


I’m using Intellij Idea, so I guess I can create a new page to set-up that environment with JMonkey.
Mine is Idea+gradle+JAVA 8, JMonkey.

I thought the new android stuff was its own SDK?

Edit: Where you add jmonkey to it?

I use Intellij Idea because it’s my preferred tool. You have to install the plugin and voilá, you have Android support.
I added the Jmonkey libraries using Gradle.

I see, there really isn’t a Android specif page, all deal with IDE’s. Seems like there should be and the ide’s should just be linked from there.